Digital Graffiti Wall

Showcase your creative flair without the mess and hassle of using real paint

These digital graffiti walls are perfect for any event. They encourage participation, creativity, and above all else, add loads of fun to an event.

Although large when constructed, the walls are actually incredibly portable, and versatile.

Specially developed digital spray cans are used to emit trackable beams of light onto the digital wall, allowing users to intuitively spray paint and use amazing artistic tools and photography features before sharing their masterpiece online.

The possibilities are endless – whether colouring in a pre-drawn image, designing a new car, or having fun a photograph taken at the event, there’s something to entertain everyone.

Once a masterpiece is finished, it can be printed there and then to take home or through our sharing station, can be shared vis social media straight away.

Branding can also be added to ensure all event imagery is on-brand and raises brand awareness.

Digital Graffiti Wall Benefits

  • Encouraged attendee participation

  • Gives attendees control of producing their content

  • A great, inclusive activation – everyone can get involved and take part

  • Creates a buzz and offers a memorable experience

  • Offers data capture opportunity when users choose to share online

women interactibg with the digital graffiti wall

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