Green Screen Pods

Transport customers to another world with our sleek, shareable green screen pods

Green screen technology’s nothing new – it’s been around for years. However, we’ve made the whole process of creating green screen content much simpler and quicker.Using small photo-pods, we can deliver the full impact of green screen technology, using a fraction of the footprint it would usually need.

Not only are our pods compact and sleek, but with the ability to select customised green screen backdrops directly from the pod, they also give users complete control throughout their experience.

Another benefit of these pods is that as well as acting as background selectors, they also automatically capture photographs, removing the need for an onsite photographer for the entirety of an event.

And once a user is happy with their snap, they can then share their masterpiece via social or receive a branded printed copy straight away. As well as a much smoother user experience, this also allows for the pod to get through many more photos than a traditional green screen event would allow.

Finally, to help keep events on-brand, the pods are completely customisable, by simply adding a vinyl wrap to them, we can ensure they’re 100% on-brand.

Green Screen Pod Benefits

  • Harvest customer data

  • Ideal for increasing brand awareness

  • Sponsorship opportunities

  • Promotes user-generated content

  • Fun, engaging experience for consumers

  • Requires only a small footprint

  • Removes need for full-time photographer & designer

  • Quick & easy for users to engage with

Green screen setup in shopping mall
green screen setup at event
Barrhead Travel green screen photograph
user interacting with green screen pod touchscreen

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