Mobile AR

Shareable augmented moments in the palm of your hand

Mobile AR is a great way to add digital, immersive content right into the real world. It doesn’t require any upfront investment in hardware, as the technology makes use of tech consumers already own, whether they be smartphones or tablets.

Content can be delivered using printed material as a trigger and can even be displayed without the need for a trigger (markerless technology).

Using mobile AR is a great way to add an additional layer of content into the real world, it allows you to be as creative and imaginative as you want. It allows us to bring characters to life, play video and even open up portals to new dimensions.

Content can take many different forms, 3D content, video, 360 content and photogrammetry content. We can also add gamified elements to AR activations, allowing us to make your app even more engaging and interactive.

When developing such apps, we build a native version of the app for use on both Android and Apple operating systems – effectively building two separate apps.

Depending on your objectives, mobile AR can be used to drive website traffic, increase footfall, and can even be used to help harvest customer data. As with all our projects, our scoping session help identify the best way to achieve your objectives.

Mobile AR Benefits

  • Requires no hardware investment

  • Facilitates user-generated content

  • Creates a buzz & offers a memorable experience

  • Offers data capture opportunities

  • Offers branding & sponsorship opportunities

  • Experiences can be easily shared via social media

  • Various options depending on budget& objectives

Mother and children in shopping centre, playing with Halloween themed AR app

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