Selfie Mirrors

Experience a virtual meet & greet with your heroes

Selfie mirrors are a great way to harvest user generated content as part of campaigns or at events. They can be branded and loaded with content – either live action or CGI – meaning users can strike a pose next to their favourite singer or sports person, or even an alien from outer space!

There are currently two mirror options to choose from – touchscreen and QR code-enabled.

Touchscreen mirrors allow users to interact with the experience using the on-screen user interface, selecting buttons to navigate through the experience. Once your video or photograph has been captured, you can then input your email address using the on-screen keyboard or scan a QR code to share your experience via social media.

Our new QR Code screens remove the need to touch the screens at all. QR codes are used while waiting in line to use the mirror to build the exact experience the user wants. Once users get to the front of the queue, the experience they’ve built while waiting in the queue is loaded onto the mirror and starts automatically.

Throughout the process, there are data capture opportunities, making the mirror not only a fun and engaging activation for users to interact with, but also deliver a meaningful ROI for business.

Selfie Mirror Benefits

  • Harvest customer data

  • Ideal for increasing brand awareness

  • Sponsorship opportunities

  • Promotes user-generated content

  • Fun, engaging experience for consumers

man posing for selfie with Tennent's Lager haunted mirror

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