Virtual Reality

Creating memorable, immersive virtual experiences

Virtual Reality activations are a fantastic way to transport consumers to another world. Whether to fly spacecraft to the outer edges of the universe or accompany Santa Clause on Christmas Eve while he delivers his gifts – the possibilities are endless.

Using the latest in virtual reality technology, we can deliver experiences that will live with users for a lifetime. Whether live action footage captured by our film studio, or photo-realistic CGI content produced by our CGI studio, there are simply no boundaries.

Watch, as your customers scream with delight or fright as they enter a new world.

Although a virtual experience by nature, physical elements for experiences can be deployed to help make activations tangible. There is also the option to include props, event staff and actors to add further elements to the experience.

Great for creating a focal point, encouraging user participation and offering a fun immersive experience for your campaign or event which will have users an experience to remember.

Virtual Reality Benefits

  • Encourages attendee participation

  • A great, inclusive activation – everyone can get involved & take part

  • Creates a buzz & offers a memorable experience

  • Offers data capture opportunity

  • Offers branding & sponsorship opportunities

Halloween VR event in pop-up cemetery in shopping mall
two woman sitting on bench, wearing VR headsets

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