Mother and children in shopping centre, playing with Halloween themed AR app

Client: Braehead

Discipline: Augmented Reality / Design / Conceptual

Photography: Galactic Experience

Working in conjunction with Braehead, Galactic Experience developed a fun augmented reality app to help entertain kids while in the centre.

Working over a number of months, we designed and developed the app in such a way that it can be updated throughout the year, to offer kids new experiences on a seasonal basis.

Filled with fun and exciting characters, the app span across Christmas, Easter, Summer and Halloween.

In order to trigger the experiences, users had to find specially designed floor stickers hidden around the shopping centre and simply scan them with the app. This helped us use the app as a driver of footfall to the centre.

In addition, we were also able to utilise the app to get more sign-ups to Braehead’s Family Club members database, delivering further ROI for the client.