Contactless Technology

Using cutting-edge technology to make your campaign or event safer

Consumer using AR mirror activation

Since the extend of the impact COVID-19 has had on the world became apparent, we’ve invested countless resource in identifying ways in which we can make our activations as safe and responsible as possible.

That said though, delivering immersive, engaging and fun experiences is deep within our DNA, so it’s crucial to us that while ensuring our activations are safe, they don’t detract from our Galactic Experience ethos.

Thankfully, our tech geniuses have cooked up ways in which safety, responsibility and interactivity can all be achieved simultaneously.

We’re now able to bolt-on contact-free solutions to our suite of experiential activations. Using technology such as QR codes, we’re able to reduce the number of touch points for users, while also enhancing the user experience. These solutions can be added to almost all of our experiential offerings.

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